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pinching out

Postby claire » 14 Jun 2006 14:42

hi - do I need to pinch out any of the following and if so, when:

butternut sqaush

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Postby gardening_guru » 15 Jun 2006 08:53

Hello Claire,

When it comes to pinching out, I would treat them all the same. Pinch out the main growing tips when they have reached the maximum required height/spread. For the cucumbers and courgettes this might be when they get to the top of a bamboo cane wigwam (you could grow both of these up such a structure, it would keep the fruits off the ground and away from slugs and damp soil that might rot the fruit) With the sideshoots, I would pinch them out when they have a couple of pairs of leaves. This will encourage bushy growth and will probably encourage flowers and fruits at the expense of vegetative growth.

Regards, George.
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