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Yucca plant with no leaves! - Updated!

Postby tjrundy » 09 Nov 2009 05:01

Hi there,

I was given a spiraling Yucca plant that was just out of control. I
got a lot of people advising me to just bite the bullet and lop off
the uncontrolled growth and see if the Yucca takes off. So, intrepidly
I took the hacksaw and went through the trunk. I reported it, and put
it a nice aluminum planter.

This is what it now looks like:

Now there was some speculation that it would bud, though it hasn't yet
(about 2 months ago since I lopped it's head off).

Someone mentioned that I should stab the stem with a screwdriver where
I want it to branch out - can anyone verify this? Is there anything I
should / could be doing to promote some leaf growth? The trunk remains
rigid, and there is water and shingle in the base of the planter to
produce some natural moisture...

I did manage to keep the head and put it into another planter, and
it's looking good, though I've no idea if it's rooting:

So, please, if you have any idea what I should do, please advise. The
Yucca trunk is in a warm area with as much light as I can give it in
my flat - right by a SE facing window!

Thanks in advance,



I thought I'd update you with what happened after I lopped the top of
my Yucca off. It did nothing for 3 months, and then started sprouting
a new shoot which is growing really well :)

See the pic - http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/tjrundy/P ... 1550560338.

So the advice to chop the top off was a good call - now I'm wondering
whether it's going to sprout another branch on the other side, or
whether it's going to follow its previously malformed desire to sprout
its 2nd branch at 90 degs (rather than 180) to the first.

Any ideas what I might be able to do about that?


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