Hayter 48 Pro Problems


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Hayter 48 Pro Problems

Postby davek » 20 Jun 2011 19:25

I recently bought a Hayter 48 Pro mower for my 'gardening round'.
Once home, I gave it a test on my own lawn. I immediately noticed that it didn't seem to travel very fast and on about the second turn, the hook attaching the drive cable to the handle dug into my trousers and popped out. So I finished the lawn by pushing it manually.
On Saturday, I took it back to the supplier who re-attached the cable.
I thought that the loose cable might have been the reason that it was slow.
I took it out again this morning and find it's still very slow. I would say about half the max speed of my other 48.
Another gardener acquaintance told me that he had heard that the new models are slow, but there's a 'tweak' that can be carried out which speeds it up.
Perhaps I've just got a bit of a 'Friday afternoon job' and that it should be better.
Has anyone else heard something similar about them ?
I'd just like to know before I take it back to the supplier again.
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