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Up on the Roof....

Postby Manda » 28 Apr 2009 08:28


I have a balcony. terrace or flat roof whatever so lots pots. I had a clematis growing nicely along the railings for the last 4 years however its died! I also have a beautiful jasmine which i feel is not looking so beautiful.. anything you can suggest to bring it back to life? We get the sun all day up until about 4 ish..

My cordalines have also gone this year after 6 years...? Was it a particularly bad winter for plants?

Any help or advice much appreciated.
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Postby gardening_guru » 02 May 2009 19:15

Hello Manda,

Sorry to hear about the Clematis, growing shrubs and climbers in pots is never as easy as growing them in the open soil. It was a very cold winter with temperatures as low as -11C on some nights in England.

I don't think that shrubs and climbers grown in pots are as tough and resiliant as plants situated in the open ground during such cold winters. They are not able to penetrate their roots deep into the soil away from the hardest frost. In my experience, Cordylines are only able to withstand a slight frost depending on how established they are, again pot grown specimens will be much more susceptible to frost damage.

The hardiness of the Jasminum depends on the species, if the plant is still alive, pot it on into a bigger pot if it is pot bound. You could rejuvinate it by pruning it hard. Keep it well watered throughout the summer and give it some protection next winter if you think it might be a tender species.
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