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PostPosted: 22 Sep 2012 14:39
by Stu
Has your site been invaded by aliens ? My (admittedly boring) question of Sept. 15th on yucca pruning has not been answered and is surounded by barmy cyber shopping emails... an alien bug perhaps.

Re: Aliens

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2012 12:48
by richard
Hi Stu,

Kind of. I realised this morning that we had a large amount of spam posts on the website, so have spent the last hour or so deleting the offending posts and their posters. Hopefully the forum should be much cleaner now with just plant related questions such as yours. The shopping spam around your post has been successfully vapourised.

Regarding your plant question about your Yucca I'm afraid I can't answer that reliably as I'm more of the techie geek type that keeps the website up and running in the background; not a trained horticulturist.

However, I have a similar houseplant that grew to the ceiling and we lopped off the top 2 feet and it's grown back quite happily. Whether a Yucca would respond as well I don't know, although plants are designed to survive.

If you look at a typical Yucca the leaves sprout from a cut off trunk at the bottom, so I would suspect something similar would happen at the top if you were to attack it with a saw...