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Overgrown Garden - Help what do I do npw

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2008 17:29
by Gargen Virgin
I have an overgrown well established garden and have decided to be quite brutal as it has got completely out of hand.

I have cut all the shrubs back hard and accept that some my not return. :shock:

The problem is that as they have been left for many years they have started to travel and replant in many directions and are now interfering with other shrubs and it all looks like a tangled mess. :cry:

Is there any product that I can paint onto the the parts I don't want to encourage or must I dig them all up. My garden is almost pure clay and hense very difficult to dig and I have health issues so can't do any heavy digging.

I was hoping to pick out the weeds and put bark chippings down over the next few years to let the worms do the work.

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2008 20:07
by gardening_guru

It sounds as if you almost need to start afresh again. I think in your shoes, I would dig up the plants that I wanted to keep, home them in pots and care for them while the remainder of the garden is cleared (with some paid help). The potted plants could then form the start of your new improved, much tidier garden.

Regards, George.