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moss on rhodos' and azaleas

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2009 21:43
by casper08
I have nearly 2 acres of heavily planted garden and a huge problem with moss growing on the branches of my rhododenrons and azaleas in all areas of the garden. There are too many slowly dying as I can't keep on top of the situation. All I have done so far is to remove the moss by hand, and make sure the plants are not choked. Can anyone help me.

PostPosted: 02 May 2009 19:58
by gardening_guru

I'm surprised that the moss is able to kill the plants mentioned but I will take your word for it. The moss must be covering leaves and the developing leaf buds on the stems. I don't think moss on the stems alone could kill the plants.

A couple of ideas for you:

You could try using a spray that kills moss but you would need to check with the supplier/manufacturer that it would not also kill the affected plants as well if sprayed on to their foliage.

This sounds a bit far fetched, but you don't know until you try. Contact a local supplier of hanging baskets and ask them if they would like to harvest moss from your garden to line their hanging baskets free of charge. Your problem solved and probably save them some money.