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Primula Wanda or not?

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2010 17:22
by Con
For several years I have greatly enjoyed some plants I purchased locally as Primula Wanda and this year I wished to renew and increase them. They are smaller and neater than most primulas, with dark green leaves that are also smaller and 'tidy-er', especially when left in situ throughout the year. The flowers are less bright and showy than most spring colours; rather quieter but rich and jewel like as opposed to the 'sparkle' of the more usual spring shades. I have searched for months and Wanda has seemed fairly hard to find. I have just taken delivery of some quite expensive potted plants from a reputable nursery but am troubleed to find that the leaves are much larger, with frilled edges and a far lighter green. The nursery assure me that these really are Primula Wanda.

So what is wrong? Were my original plants incorrectly named? Is anybody on the forum familiar with Wanda? Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you for any thoughts.

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2010 18:39
by gardening_guru

There is a specific Primula cultivar called 'Wanda' that has purple-green leaves and dark red flowers.

There is also a collection of Primula plants with different colours called the Primula 'Wanda Supreme Series'

If I were you, use google images to search for Primula 'Wanda' and Primula 'Wanda Supreme Series', browse the photos to see if any look like the plants you have.

You could also let the original plants flower, produce seed heads and drop their seeds, you will find that young plants appear in the surrounding soil, although the offspring will not necessarily be identical to the parents.